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10 IN 90

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The 10 IN 90 challenge is a contest among all interested ICC houses to see which house can reduce its energy consumption the most over 90 days beginning in September. The Sustainability Resource Team is challenging each house to reduce its energy consumption (as defined by the average usage of electricity, gas, and water per house member) by 10% over that 90 days. The winning house will receive a set of solar panels generously donated by the new ICC General Manager, Eric Lipson!


Members of the Sustainability Resource Team will meet with each ICC house president to share the guidelines of the contest, which will then be passed on to each house's membership. We will be recording houses' progress on this page, so check back to see how your house is doing!


Check here for tips on how to reduce your house's energy consumption (and lower your energy bills!), and here for tips for reducing your house's water consumption.


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